meet the founders

george moulton

is a serial entrepreneur, a creator, an athlete, and the visionary founder of fungtion. He has spent over a decade immersed in the world of functional mushrooms and herbs within the psychedelic adjacent space. His astute business acumen has not only birthed but also brokered various enterprises, ranging from an Italian dessert company to a sun-soaked San Diego adventure tour company. Fueled by his love for high-adrenaline sports and exploring the desolation wilderness, he naturally evolved to his current passion project: fungtion. His deep passion for mushrooms and natural healing is what drives him forward daily.

phoebe mcpherson

is an educator, an herbalist, a gatherer, and the co-founder of fungtion. She has spent years working with and learning from experts in the fields of mushrooms, psychedelics, and medicinal plants. from formulation to plant medicine ceremonies, she seeks daily to better understand our relationship to nature. her deep passion for helping others in their journey of connecting with nature is what drives her forward daily.

sustainability practices

a commitment to our individual wellbeing can not exist without a commitment to our planet's well-being, too.

100% of packaging is curbside recyclable. majority of packaging is made from 90%+ post-consumer waste.

working towards 1% For The Planet, B Corp Certification, and Carbon Neutral Certification by 2024. 

wherever possible, marketing materials are printed with carbon-negative algae ink — the most sustainable option on the planet!

& we're dedicated to being plastic-free by the end of 2023