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mushroom elixir

$36.00 USD

your daily formula for mushroom-based well-being. a blend of functional mushrooms and adaptogenic plants to support cognition, sustained energy, and libido. 

the bestseller ~ bestseller ~
kanna elixir

$50.00 USD

20mg of high-potency kanna per dose  experience the benefits of kanna, sceletium tortuosum, to help to calm the nervous system, improve mood, reduce stress, and improve sleep.  ...

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nature knows crewneck

nature knows crewneck$72.00 USD

your new go-to crewneck has arrived. 100% organic, Supima® cotton in an oversized fit.  sustainable and humane, as always. each embroidered right here in los angeles.unisex sizi...


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recycled materials & algae ink

nature knows

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