what are functional mushrooms? 

functional (or "functional") mushrooms are fungi with proven health benefits. many are anti-cancerous, antibacterial, immunomodulating, and used for the prevention of disease. 

p.s. many fungtional mushrooms are edible — ever had a lion's mane crab cake? or shiitake mushroom pizza? 

what are adaptogens? 

an adaptogen is a plant or fungi that helps the body combat, cope with, and adapt to stress. 

by definition, adaptogens must be non-toxic, help your body return to a stable state, and, of course, help you handle stress. 

what are nootropics? 

a nootropic is any substance that enhances brain function and activity. these include stimulants (like caffeine), and benefits range from temporary boosts to cognition to improving memory to fighting age-related brain decline. 

the word is derived from the Greek "noon" meaning mind and "tropein" meaning towards. it was brought to popularity in the early 1970s to describe substances that act "toward the mind." 

how long until i feel it? 

nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished. - lao tzu

mushrooms and adaptogens need time to build up in your system, and each system is unique. you should feel the effects soon, with continued use.

that being said, most people start to notice positive shifts from mushroom elixir within two weeks. when it comes to the kanna elixir, users can feel the effects within 30 minutes. 

why are you called fungtion? 

george here. i chose fungtion as a nod to the fungal kingdom. with fungtion, you're functioning on mushrooms. :)

where are you based? 

our community is global, but we're based los angeles, california.  

where are your products made? 

mushroom elixir is made in san diego county, california. 

where do you source your mushrooms? 

our mushrooms are sourced right here in california. they are grown sustainably, on organic substrates, by mycophiles just as passionate about mushrooms as we are. 

are your mushrooms psychedelic? 

no. while we believe all mushrooms (and most plants!) to be pretty magical in their effects on the body, our products are made with functional mushrooms — not psilocybin-containing mushrooms. 

(p.s. interested in the great world of mushrooms? check out our friends over at Museum of mycology)

how do i store mushroom elixir? 

typically, we recommend storing your tincture in a dark, cool, dry place (like your kitchen cabinet!). but in this modern world, oftentimes we're on the move — so bringing your tincture along with you is perfectly fine as well. george keeps a bottle in the glove compartment of his car, phoebe keeps a bottle in her bag, and ryder keeps a bottle in his workshop. 

when do i take mushroom elixir? 

we recommend the tincture in the morning, with or without food. mixed into your drink, or taken under the tongue. 

how long does the tincture last? 

each bottle contains 30 servings. if you're following our recommended 5 days on, 2 days off protocol, the tincture will last you about 6 weeks. 

can i add to my drink? 

yes, absolutely! we recommend adding to water, your smoothie, or a morning drink.

can i take the tincture every day? 

while it is safe to work with this tincture daily, we recommend follow a cycle of days on and off. this honors the
cycles of nature, and keeps you from building up a tolerance.

try starting with a cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off. not just a popular protocol, but also an honoring of the western
cycles of life we find ourselves in (weekdays/weekends).

can i combine mushroom elixir with other supplements?

yes, you absolutely can.

(if you're new to the mushroom elixir, we recommend trying it alone first to feel the way it affects your body. then
add in your other supplements and plant allies).

*we are not doctors, and we always recommend talking to your primary health practitioner before starting a new
protocol or stack.

how do i track my shipment? 

you will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped with a USPS tracking number. you can track your order with that number. 

do you ship internationally? 

if you're an international customer who would like to place an order, please contact us: hello@letsfungtion.com with subject line "international order".

do you ship to PO or APO boxes? 

yes, we do! 

how do you ship? 

we ship with USPS. 

how long does shipping take? 

we ship everything USPS from los angeles. shipping times vary between 2-6 days in the united states.

what if my order gets lost in transit?

the mail can be funky, and things get lost. if your shipment has not arrived after 14 days, please email us at
hello@letsfungtion.com. please include your order number (i.e Order 1450) and "lost package" in the subject line.

my bottle broke in shipping. can you ship me a new one?

if you received a product from us that is in any way damaged, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. email hello@letsfungtion.com with photos of the damage, and your order number. 

once we receive your email, we will review and reach out to you to verify your details and confirm an exchange. exchanges are processed as quickly as possible, normally within 24 hours.

can i recycle my packaging? 

absolutely. we highly encourage it.

our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials. all of our printed and shipping materials are made with zero virgin material — meaning we’re using what already exists instead of cutting down more tress or utilizing plastics. 

what do i do with the bottle once it's done?

recycle it or reuse it. you can reuse it for your future tincture concoctions, or place it in your recycling bin. it is 100% recyclable — even with the label on. 

do you sell at any retail locations or cafes? 

check back soon to explore our stockist to see where we're sold.

want to see us in your local shop? let us know here

do you offer wholesale? 

yes, we do! we'd love to discover you and your intentions for sharing Fungtion with the world.

shoot us a text: 424-279-8315
or email us: george@letsfungtion.com

can we collaborate? 

yes! reach out to us here: phoebe@letsfungtion.com

do you have an affiliate program? 

we do! reach out to us for more information: phoebe@letsfungtion.com

what is the QR code on the box? 

only one way to find out.